Lyall and Marewa Bell
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Our services include gib stopping, wall linings, heated ceilings, repairing water damaged homes and skimming for new homes and renovations.

Our plasterers specialise in:

  • detailed plaster work for architects, designers and decorators who request specific designs
  • decorative plaster designs for new developments
  • restoration of heritage styles
  • wallboard stopping and square stopping

We fit all decorative plaster including ceilings, ceiling panels, ceiling domes, cornices, architectural columns, archways, corbels, niches and plaster fireplaces

Plaster is a tough, versatile material which can be cast into any imaginable shape making it ideal in many different situations. It offers unlimited design possibilities from ‘traditional European’ designs to ‘modern contemporary’ styles. You can read more about the benefits of plaster, especially when choosing a ceiling finish.

All of our decorative plaster products are manufactured in the Waikato by Plasterglass Manufacturing Ltd using best quality, original reinforced plaster.  You can see examples of work our plasterers have completed in the gallery.

View BRANZ Type Test FH 54449-TT here